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6 Ways To Honor And Serve Veterans

To many people November 11, Veterans Day is the only day to honor and serve veterans. However, since these men and women of the armed forces have risked their lives countless times to protect everyone’s freedoms, people need to do a better job of honoring and serving them. There are numerous charities in place that keep these people safe, but there is much more to do. Well, here are some volunteer opportunities where you can show your appreciation to the veterans.

1.There are numerous veterans wounded in battle in various VA hospitals over the country. Most of these individuals have given up on life because they feel unappreciated because they lost everything in the war. Well, you can visit wounded veterans in these hospitals and make them feel like a part of the community again.

2. Do you have any special skills such as repairing houses or performing various tasks? Well, you can show your appreciation by sharing your skills with any veteran or military family. Remember, most veterans find it hard to join the community after being in a war and as such might have a hard time keeping a job. Therefore, the income might not be regular and keeping up with daily expenses in the house might be tough. As such, helping them with minor repairs can go a long way in keeping their home steady.

3.  Are you a financial expert or a lawyer? Do you have expertise in any other career? Well, if you find any military family in need of any of these services, you can always provide your services. For instance, when it comes around to tax season, you can always provide your accounting services for free. On the other hand, if a veteran is involved in a legal matter, you can always provide your services for free.

4. Most wounded veterans recover and are released from VA hospitals without anyone to take care of them. If anyone is living in your neighborhood with some disabilities, you can always provide care packages to them or deliver meals. You can also offer to clean their houses for them and make sure that all the utility bills are paid. Remember, most of these people don’t have family members to take care of them, and you need to provide the required help for the best results.

5.  Always say thank you whenever you meet a veteran. Whether you’re in the airport, in a coffee shop or simply waiting in line for the bank, you should always allow them to be served before you. These little gestures of appreciation goes a long way into making the veterans feel appreciated for protecting everyone’s freedoms.

6.  Finally, you can contribute to any of the various charities that keep veterans alive. If you search any charities in your neighborhood, you’re likely to find numerous where you can make your contributions to make veterans feel appreciated at all times. For example, the West Tennessee Veterans Home is in need of donations to continue their plans to build
a home which will rehabilitate veterans and provide long-term care.

With all these actions, all the veterans feel appreciated for everything they have ever gone through while protecting your right to freedom.

Learn 9 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Veteran In Your Business

Owning or operating a business gives you the chance to take your life by the horns and possibly have ownership over your financial destiny. Depending on the size and scope of the business, you possibly have a level of independence that others can only dream of, as well as access to wealth and abundance that you did not know, was possible. Still, some details and decisions occasionally loom that you might not enjoy, and one of them is who to hire. Keep reading to learn 9 reasons why you should hire a veteran when there’s one in a pool of applicants.

1) Veterans are disciplined: They’ll likely enjoy how civilian life is softer and less stressful, but they’re also going to show up on time and not spend as much time as other standing around talking, gossiping, or just generally wasting the payroll resources your company is spending on headcount.

2) They’re usually in good health: This might not apply in all cases, but among recently discharged veterans, you can reasonably expect them to be in good enough shape to handle a civilian job with ease and energy.

3) Veterans know how to follow orders: They’re accustomed to being given directions from superiors and doing as they are instructed. They also make excellent candidates for the future leaders of your business if you like to hire from within.

4) Veterans focus on objectives: Whether it was specific tasks, group goals, or team missions, veterans have clear cut understandings of what they need to accomplish any given day. They can carry out the projects and responsibilities you give them.

5) They’re team players: Veterans know how to deal with others of different mindsets and personalities, and they work well in groups in all kinds of settings.

6) They have leadership skills: Even if a veteran is not put directly into a position of supervisory authority, they’ll still lead by example, as they have been trained to do. They’ll set standards those around will subconsciously follow.

7) You might get tax credits: Some states and municipalities offer businesses tax credits for hiring veterans. Check out what’s possible in your location and take advantage of it.

8) They’re not likely to quit: This isn’t to say veterans will never put in their notice or leave your organization. However, the daily duties you pile on them are not likely to compare to what the military put them through. They’re also trained not to go AWOL, so you don’t have to worry about them rage quitting or no-showing.

9) Customers will love you: Many consumers know that veterans, even those that did not serve in a combat theater, might have trouble acclimating to civilian life. They, especially other veterans, will adore your business for helping out those that have served.

Now that you know nine reasons why you should hire veterans for your business, you might choose to target them in your recruiting. If you have multiple applicants for a position and can’t decide between several people, just going with the veteran in the bunch is a good move.

The Benefits Of Supporting Veterans and Conducting Other Community Services

Community services need volunteers who have pure intentions to help and support those who are in dire need. Some people have to realize that there are useful things received when they volunteer. It is important to understand how volunteerism benefits not only the society itself or the particular beneficiary but to the volunteers also.

The Advantages Of Volunteerism

Community service volunteers provide both of their resources and time to different organizations. They deliver products, services, and even opportunities to their recipients. When you offer your time, money and physical strength to the beneficiaries, you ease away their burdens and worries of not having these things at all.

Another significant benefit of becoming a volunteer in various community service projects is that you become an instrument to give new hope to these people and the entire society. During the times of adversity, people seek for support from others who can assist them find solutions to the challenges they face.

There are various ways that the value of the economic contribution is perceived among volunteers. Aside from significant community volunteer services, organizations and volunteers contribute a lot to the consultation of community and government that inform program development and its policies.

On the other hand, volunteers tend to gain new experiences and skills for employment. They become more aware of the happenings in a work organization. Thus, it promises a better future for them.

For many individuals, volunteering in community service projects is already a vital aspect of their lives. It offers exciting opportunities while giving the joy of seeing others happy and relieved.

Make Your Community Service More Fun

Developing plans for a community service requires proper implementation and management, fundraising, legal processes, and strong advocacy. If you are thinking about building a volunteer project for the society, then you have a lot of community service ideas that are fun to do.

First, you should have other people besides you who will serve as your workforce before and during the execution of the volunteer tasks. Ask some suggestions from them about some great ways to make the service more appealing and more inspiring. Make sure that you know who will be your primary beneficiaries or recipients. Seek for the assistance of other community project experts.

When you know what you want to do and who you wish to help, you will have a smooth implementation of your community service plan.

Support Veterans In Need

There are several great community service ideas you can do. One is by helping veterans by donating some things that will be useful to them. For instance, you can help them find an ideal job, assist female vets, provide financial support, help build a house or take care of wounded warriors.

You can do a lot of things to thank them for being great warriors in the battle of the society and the country. If you have enough, you can donate money to support their financial needs. They will appreciate your generous heart for sure.

What Does It Mean To Be A Veteran

Over the years our country has had many men and women serve in the military. Whether they did so for a few years or for over twenty. Whether they served during wartime or during a time of peace. These fine men and women are called Veterans and they all have one thing in common. The desire to serve their country.

What does it mean to be a Veteran? What does it take to make the commitment to serve your country in that way? How do people decide that serving in the military is right for them? These questions are important because they can show us who will continue to serve our country and who will be a veteran in the future.

A veteran is one who is not afraid of what might happen to them. They know there is a chance that they could get badly hurt or even be killed during their time in service. They know that they could be lowering a number of years they have on this earth. They know all of this and yet still feel that they want to give of themselves. Not everyone is willing to do this but a veteran is.

A veteran is also able to make the time to serve their country. They might be giving up a good job, time with their family and a regular way of life. Military life isn’t easy and by signing up to serve their country, they are aware of what they will be missing out on and giving up. Although technology has changed and it is easier for a military member to contact their loved one when they are away, being so far from home can be a hardship. A veteran knows this and is willing to give that all up in order to serve their country.

A veteran had to decide if joining the military was the right decision for them. They had to weigh the pros and the cons of the decision. They had to be okay with what someone in the military does and the chance of going to war. If they could not commit to all of that, they did not join the military.

Military veterans are all over the United States. Talking to them you can learn more about the country than you can in other ways. They can share stories of former wars and former time periods. Modern veterans can share about modern military life and what it is like to be in this line of work in today’s world.

If you run into a veteran, know that they are someone who has given up so much for the rest of us. They should be thanked and we should look at them for a source of inspiration. They stood up and did something that shows exactly how they feel about their country. We should as a country be thanking and rewarding them for all that they have done over the years.

What Defines A Veteran

Are you wondering exactly what makes a person a Veteran? The basic definition of a Veteran is someone who served in the active military and received any type of discharge other than dishonorable. There are many different types of veterans depending on time served, where they served, their career field if they received a service or combat-related injury or disability and which component they served in. These different factors can impact their veteran benefits and pay. The Code of Federal Regulations, Title 38 legally defines who qualifies as a veteran. Which benefits they can receive are decided by several other factors.

Veterans served in one of the military services: Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, active duty Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserves. Which service they were in, how often they were on active duty, and where they served also impact their veteran status.

Full-time active duty individuals are those who enlist in one of the services and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These individuals serve full-time unless they are on earned leave or an authorized pass. Active-duty members of the military fall under the Department of Defense. Any time served as an active-duty member of the military is credited toward future veteran benefits.

Individuals may also serve part-time and receive credit toward veteran benefits. Part-time military members are typically in the National Guard or the Reserves. These individuals are active one weekend a month and two weeks annually. They can also be called to active duty at any time and often are activated to backfill active-duty personnel stateside. On average, National Guard and Reserve personnel enlist for six years and will spend at least two of those years on full-time active duty.

The Reserves provide supplementary support to active duty troops. There is a Reserve branch for each military service and all fall under the Department of Defense. Reservists receive the same training as their active-duty counterparts and complete two weeks of annual training. Neither the basic training or the annual training count for veteran benefits.

Reservists can also be called to active duty when deemed necessary by the Secretary of Defense and the President. This time does count towards veteran benefits.

The National Guard falls under the purview of their State Governor, not the Department of Defense unless they are activated to full-time status. There are two types of National Guard units: Air National Guard and Army National Guard. Guard members attend basic training and then train one weekend a month and two full weeks annually. If a state emergency arises, the Governor can call the Guard to active duty, but this doesn’t count toward veteran benefits.

The Guard can also be called to active duty by the Secretary of Defense and the President. This type of active duty does qualify for veteran benefits.

Some Guard and Reserve members are part of the Active Guard/Reserves and perform active duty full time. This duty also qualifies for veteran benefits.

Everyone who serves in the active forces is considered a veteran. The type and duration of this service impact which veteran benefits the member qualify for. If you know a retired veteran in Memphis in need of a veterans home then check us out!

The Major Challenges Veterans Face And How To Solve Them

With well over 21 million veterans in America, a lot needs to be done to ensure they enjoy their life after offering themselves to a service the country. Various veterans face different challenges after completing their service. Some of the major challenges veterans face include:

PTS & PTSD and Emotional Issues

Most veterans suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) and other related issues as a result of their service in the army. Being part of war can have traumatic implications, and it is important to have treatment plans developed to help the veterans. The program should help the veteran identify his or her trauma issues and find ways of working through each issue.

One effective way of addressing this is by helping the veteran focus on the emotions resulting from the trauma and finding better ways of expressing those feelings. This is easier for the veteran if he or she gets assistance from a close friend, family member, or counselor.

Accessing Benefits or Claims

While benefits may vary accessing to the same should not be a complicated procedure for veterans. The responsible government departments and agencies tasked with handling the veteran benefits or claims should do more to ensure the veterans receive their benefits. Reforming the respective government agencies and creating private resources are two ways through which the process can be made easy for veterans.

Short Term Needs

Most of the short terms needs that veterans face are similar to what other citizens; these are rent, medical bills, and utilities. Veterans have unique needs, and some should not be issues that these honorary civilians face, such as homelessness. Placing veterans in the same qualification levels as other civilians makes it hard for the veterans to address their short-term needs adequately. The government departments can correct this issue by stopping the “one size fits all” approach and designate programs specific to veterans to help them fill the financial gaps they may face.


Homelessness is a shameful issue that veteran face which should not be a case when these individuals have offered their lives for service to their country. The lack of a steady financial income, issues of traumatic stress related to war, and other issues such as alcoholism and drug abuse have been associated with concerns of homelessness for some veterans. Both governmental and private agencies should find the root cause of this issue and have appropriate solutions in place.

Finding Jobs

Helping veterans find or start jobs is one of the ways of helping them overcome for of the challenges the face, chief among them is the matter of homelessness and sorting their short term needs. The best approach is establishing programs that help veterans understand the current economy and help them develop new skills that can be turned into a business opportunity thus helping them become economically self-sufficient.

By identifying the key elements that contribute to the above challenges that veterans face, it is possible to help them lead a normal life. This is possible if both respective public and private organizations take up a leading role to ensure veterans get the assistance they need and can access their benefits to guarantee they are effectively integrated back into the society. Also, veterans should also take an active role in helping their fellow veterans to resolve the various challenges they face.

If you are looking for a way to help veterans in Memphis  check us out at West Tennessee Veterans Home. We are trying to build a home for local veterans and we need your help and charity to reach our financial goal to build this home!

How You Can Help Veterans

Veterans have done so much to protect our country. America is only where it is today because of the people that have fought to keep it safe. Unfortunately, veterans are often neglected after they have completed their service.

If you want to do more to help veterans, here are a few suggestions.


There are a lot of charity organizations that work to support veterans. While these organizations get donations throughout the year, they don’t always have enough volunteers to keep their business running.

You should make a point of volunteering if you can. Find out what kind of organizations exist in your area. Once you have found organizations, you should read out to them and ask them about volunteering. If they need volunteers, they will be able to provide you with more information.

Make Donations

If you don’t have enough time to volunteer, donations can be a big help. When you contact organizations, ask them about what they need most. Your donations mean the world to veterans who depend on organizations like West Tennessee Veterans Home. We need your help to get this home built for our veterans.

If you have a birthday coming up, you may want to encourage your friends to make an organization to a veteran’s organization on your behalf. You could ask for the same thing for Christmas. Make sure that living centers, hospitals, and other facilities that help veterans have everything they need to stay afloat.

Fight For Laws That Protect Veterans

A lot of veterans have to fight to get things that they should be entitled to, like healthcare. Unfortunately, there isn’t always enough legislation in place to keep veterans safe.

Make sure that your local and national representatives know that you care about veterans. Make phone calls to their offices; tell them that you expect them to provide support to veterans.

If there is a bill in the house or senate that will help veterans, you should reach out to the reps that will be voting on it. Let them know how you would like to see them vote.

Help The Veterans In Your Life

Do you know any veterans personally? If you do, you should do what you can to help them. You should try to provide support to any gold star families that you know as well.

Providing support can be very easy. You can volunteer to drive someone to their doctor’s appointment, or you can lend them your car when they need to get groceries.

In addition, you should try to be a friend. Make sure that people know that you are there if they need someone to talk to. Everyone needs to have a support system, especially veterans. Make sure that you are a part of that support system.

If you want to help veterans, there are all kinds of things that you can be doing. Veterans have already given a lot to their country. Now, you can do something on their behalf. If you help veterans, then you will make our country a better place. Make sure you support veterans and the people that support them.

Ways We Can Honor Our Veterans Respectfully

Veterans Day is a major holiday every year, but very few people really take action in order to honor and show their appreciation for Veterans. These men and women have given their lives to serve our country and give us our freedom, so showing appreciation is not only the right thing to do but patriotic as well. Of course, many people don’t have ideas or know quite how to honor Veterans, which is why we have taken the time to compile a list of tasks that can be completed to show you care!

*Take some time off from your busy schedule and visit the gravesite of a Veteran. Try choosing someone that doesn’t have a lot of flowers on their grave and say a prayer for them. You may even wish to take flowers or a patriotic item to show your thanks.

*Get in touch with someone who is currently serving in the military and send them letters. Some patriots take this a step further and regularly send care packages to those serving overseas. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest, every act of kindness counts.

*If you know a Veteran, thank them personally for their service and take them out to dinner on Veterans Day. It’s also important to share with your children if there are any members of their family serving in the military. Raise awareness of the things that Veterans do for our country.

*Visit a homeless Veteran and share a meal with them. Try helping that person in any way you can because of kindness counts. Many Veterans become homeless during their lives, which is why we should all strive to provide support whenever possible.

*If you know any elderly Veterans, ask them to share their favorite war stories. Really immerse yourself in the conversation and keep alert. Some of the most amazing adventure stories are told by Veterans!

*Attend a Veterans Day event with friends and family. Show your patriotic side by wearing a T-shirt that shows your support or waves a flag.

*It’s important that on Veterans Day you display our flag proudly. Make sure to put it in a prominent spot where everyone can see it!

*With you children and/or grandchildren write a thank you note to Veterans serving our country. Post it somewhere public such as a grocery shop window or on a bulletin board. The key is to get as many people to acknowledge it as possible.

*Read publications written by Veterans and try to understand them more. Reading poems and books authored by military men and women can make you more open-minded towards the experiences that they’ve had serving the country.

Honoring Veterans once a year is our way of thanking the millions of men and women who have made our freedom possible. Doing what you can to show you support our military can make a difference and show your compassionate side. Every small action you take makes a difference, even if only for a day!

The Best Ways To Spend Your Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is a very important holiday. It is the day on which we show our respect and appreciation for the current and former members of the military.

If you don’t have plans for this special day, here are a few suggestions. They will help you to make the most of this holiday:

Attend A Local Event

Many areas hold special events for local veterans. If there is an event like this in your area, you should try to attend it. When you are present at an event like this, you will be able to show your support to all of the veterans in your area.

Look at the event calendar in your area and see if there is a Veteran’s Day event planned. If there aren’t any events going on, you may want to think about organizing yourself.

Take A Veteran Out To Dinner

If you have a veteran in your life, you may want to take them out to a special dinner. While veterans can often eat free on veteran’s day, they will really appreciate being treated to a meal at one of their favorite restaurants.

You may want to make this a family affair. You can get a bunch of people together so that you can all celebrate the veteran’s service. They will feel honored, and your family will be able to make some wonderful memories together.

Plan A Family Get-Together

If you have a lot of veterans in your family, you might want to put together a big family event. That way, everyone will be able to get together in the same place.

There are all kinds of events that you could put together. You could go out to a lake. You could have a barbecue or an outdoor picnic. If the weather is poor, you could plan a nice indoor party.

A lot of veterans don’t feel as though their service is appreciated. If you can show them that your entire family loves and supports them, they will feel a lot better.

Give To Charity

There are so many great charities to support when it comes to helping our veterans. Do your research and find a local organization to help veterans in your town. Veterans greatly appreciate any donations. The West Tennessee Veterans Home still need your help to make their dream possible and get the best veterans home in West Tennessee built.

Watch Patriotic Movies

If you would prefer to stay at home and keep things simple, you might want to stay in and watch a few patriotic movies! There have been a lot of great patriotic films over the years.

In addition to watching movies, you may want to make a few tasty meals to enjoy. You can prepare themed snacks, or simply prepare some great finger food. Whether you watch your movies alone or with a group, you will be able to get a lot of enjoyment out of them.

Whether you keep things simple or put together a big party, you will be able to have a wonderful time on Veteran’s Day. There are all kinds of different ways to celebrate this day.

If you know someone that has served, you should try to find out what they are doing on Veteran’s Day. If they don’t have any plans, you should invite them to celebrate the day with you!

The Importance Of Remember Our Veterans And Taking Care Of Them

A lot of people don’t know how to remember our veterans, but there are many ways. Here are ways to remember our veterans, why it’s important, and different ways to take care of our veterans.

It’s important to remember our veterans because they have sacrificed a lot. When they are deployed overseas, they give up civilian life in order to keep their country, countrywomen, and countrymen safe. Not only that, but veterans who are not currently serving have made many sacrifices and nobody knows what war is really like unless they have been in one. Being in the military is rewarding, but it can be stressful, especially for veterans that are still serving or have served.

Taking care of our vets is equally important as remembering them. We need to ensure they are taken care of because veterans often fly under the radar or not receive the attention they deserve when they develop health issues, both physical and mental. Suicide rates are high among vets, which is another reason why taking care of them should be a priority. In order for many veterans to live a healthy and fulfilling life, then they need to receive the help they need and the help they deserve.

You can remember vets by writing to them or becoming a vet’s pen-pal. You can wear a poppy to show your support and that you remember the veterans. Another good way to remember vets is by going to the local cemetery and paying your respects to any veterans that are buried there. Those are just a few of the many ways you can remember veterans, and some things may seem small, but they are a big deal to many veterans, so feel free to do whatever you’re able to do in order to show vets that you remember them.

One way you can take care of vets is by donating to a charity that specializes in helping veterans. Many veterans can benefit from the help of charities, which rely on donations from the public. By donating money, you will be doing your part in helping veterans. West Tennessee Veterans Home is raising money to build a home for veterans in West Tennessee. They need your help to make it happen and help those vets in need.

If you’re a builder, then you can help build homes for veterans that are injured to the point that they can’t really do many things on their own. Not only can you do this, but you can simply say thank you to a veteran. Many veterans don’t hear thanks enough, and when they do, it means the world to them. Those are only a few ways you can take care of veterans.

It’s important to never forget our veterans and the sacrifices they have made. Now you know why it is and how you can do your part to take care of them. Our veterans made many sacrifices and the least people can do is remember them and remember those sacrifices.